Enbridge has backed away from a move to seize the assets of Stand.Earth after it failed to to pay court costs associated with a 2014 case.

Karen Mahon, the Canadian director of Stand.Earth — formerly known as Forest Ethics — said bailiffs came to its office to seize assets Tuesday morning

She said the environmental group was served a notice of writ of seizure and sale for failing to pay more than $14,000 in court costs after losing a case against Enbridge Inc. on October 31, 2014.

But in a statement received by CBC News two hours later, Enbridge said it would not be seizing any assets.

"We have asked the sheriffs not to seize any assets from Stand.Earth, and will not be pursuing the matter further. This is a legal matter and Enbridge does not publicly discuss legal matters," it read.

Mahon said it was the first time she'd witnessed such a move.

"We know there are many, many cases before the courts and this is the first time any of us has ever seen anything like this. We've talked to Greenpeace and talked to numerous groups and everyone is shocked," she said.

Tim Pearson with Sierra Club BC said the tactic is indicative of a shift in the industry.

"Employing such extreme tactics in Canada reveals just how desperate big oil and the fossil fuel industry are getting, as the economy's transition away from fossil fuels accelerates with each passing day," he said.