Willow, the emaciated husky found wandering the streets of Maple Ridge. BC., is now doing well and has a new home.

She was about 10 kilograms underweight when she was found on Jan. 31 and had been eating rocks and dirt to survive.

Now, after a month-and-a-half at the Maple Ridge SPCA, Willow has been adopted by a family in Langley. 

Faydra Nichols, the assistant branch manager of the Maple Ridge SPCA, said the animal advocacy group required that whoever adopted Willow had prior experience with the husky breed. 

"Because of her situation, she will always have a sensitive tummy so she'll always have to be on a specialized diet," said Nichols.

Willow B.C. SPCA

Willow weighed just 15 kilograms when she was brought to the animal shelter on Jan. 31. (B.C. SPCA)

When she was found, Willow couldn't lie down because of pain in her abdomen caused by rocks and soil she had eaten.

Nichols says Willow is much better now.

"She gained a little over 9 kilograms in my care, so not too bad," she said. 

"She loves to go on the car rides and for a husky, she actually enjoys going in the water and playing in the river."

The SPCA has recommended animal cruelty charges against Willow's original owner, who is a university student.

With files from Meera Bains