Elderly East Sooke couple die in house fire

An elderly East Sooke couple has perished in a house fire.

Early morning fire so fierce crews couldn't get inside right away

Sooke's fire chief says the fire was burning through three floors and the roof when he arrived. (Chek TV)

An elderly East Sooke couple in their 80s have perished in a house fire.

Fire crews were called to the home by neighbours around 4 a.m. PT Saturday.

Firefighters say flames were through the roof and the fire was burning right through three floors when they arrived.

Damage to the roof of the house is extensive following an early morning fire Saturday that claimed the life of an elderly couple. (Chek TV)

Officials say there was a small delay while the fire department waited for the main rig to arrive with breathing apparatus before they could get inside.

The fire is believed to have started in the living room. 

Fire officials say the home was equipped with fire detectors, but they weren't working.