Eight-ender scored in curling match in Langley

Every sport has its own measure of perfection. In baseball, it's a no hitter. In hockey, it's a shutout. In golf, it's a hole in one. And in curling, it's known as an eight-ender. On Monday night at the Langley Curling Club, a team managed this extraordinary feat.

An eight-ender is when one team scores with all eight of their rocks in a single end

The triumphant team standing with their extraordinary eight-ender at the Langley Curling Club. (Nigel Easton/submitted)

Call it the shot heard 'round the world — or at least the shot heard 'round the Langley Curling Club.

That shot — curling shot, to be clear — was the final piece required to achieve a rare eight-ender during a Monday night men's curling league game.

An eight-ender is when a team manages to get all eight of their curling rocks to score during a single end without the opponent scoring any.

Langley Curling Club manager Nigel Easton had a front-row seat to it all, playing a game on the next sheet.

"I was down at the far end, holding the broom, skipping, when the rest of my team and the team we were playing against just stopped playing and started taking pictures," he said. "It's pretty exciting."

Scoring an eight-ender is a very big deal for curlers. Easton says that about 3,000 curling matches were played at the club last year, and a grand total of two eight-enders were scored.

The team that accomplished the feat will be honoured by both the Canadian Curling Association and Curl BC.

To hear the full story, click on the audio labelled: Hurry hard! Curling team scores rare eight-ender in Langley


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