More than 1,000 pairs of shoes were lined up outside a courthouse in Surrey, B.C., Saturday — each one representing a Canadian killed by an impaired driver.

In B.C., an average of 62 people each year are killed by impaired drivers, down from an average of 114 before 2010. The improvement in the provincial numbers is attributed to the introduction of the automatic roadside prohibition program.

Kassandra Kaulius, 22, was struck and killed by an impaired driver in May 2011.

Her mother Markita Kaulius says attitudes still need to change.

"Sadly, the figures show in the last two years there has been 38,413 immediate roadside prohibitions just in B.C.," she said. "That's an awful lot of impaired people still driving on the roads."

Organizers of Saturday's event say it's important to get the message out as drivers prepare to celebrate the holiday season. They say plans need to include how to get home before taking a drink.