Dreadful driver in a white Hummer nabbed in RCMP sting

A Surrey man has been charged with multiple dangerous driving offences and banned from getting behind the wheel after numerous complaints spurred the RCMP to run a sting operation.

'People were certain he was going to kill someone'

RCMP have impounded the white Hummer driven by a Surrey man who has been charged with numerous dangerous driving offences. (RCMP)

Score it a victory for road safety.

A Surrey man has been charged with multiple dangerous driving offences and handed a 13-month driving ban after a number of public complaints spurred the RCMP to run a sting operation.

Sgt. Lorne Lecker, detachment commander for Deas Island Traffic Services, says police received well over a dozen complaints in a month about the white Hummer and the man driving it.

'He was going to kill someone'

"This wasn't just someone noticing a dangerous driving offence — people were certain he was going to kill someone."

On Sept. 7 plain-clothed and uniformed traffic officers observed the vehicle being driven from Surrey.

The Hummer was stopped and impounded in Richmond after a "large number" of dangerous traffic violations were recorded.

The driver, who is in his 30s, was issued several tickets for excessive speeding, unsafe lane changes and passing on the shoulder.

Lecker says the sting was necessary to connect the driver to the vehicle, and calls the resulting outcome "the ultimate example of what can be done" when the public alerts police to a dangerous driver.

"The best thing a person [who sees a bad driver] can do is if they have video, to provide the video. If not send us a written statement with as much detail as they can provide — licence plate, description of the driver, the location."

The RCMP is not releasing the name of the driver.

With files from Yvette Brend