A large fire that broke out in the Waneta industrial area just outside Trail, B.C.,Tuesday morning has left a lot full of dozens of charred vehicles.

About 30 firefighters from four fire departments fought the fire for several hours after it broke out near an auto body shop and a towing and storage facility on Old Waneta Road around 6 a.m. PT.

They managed to stop the flames from spreading to the body shop and nearby plastics manufacturing business, but they were unable to save dozens of vehicles in a covered storage lot, including some motor homes and fifth wheel trailers.

Firefighter Glen Gallamore said the fire is now under control, but they don't know yet how it started.

"Right now we're in the final stages of mopping, trying to hit hot spots, then later this afternoon we'll go in with RCMP after things cool down and start our investigation," said Gallamore.

The Waneta subdivision, which is an industrial area just south of the City of Trail, was closed to the public while firefighters worked to get the fire under control.


  • A photograph posted previously showed the incorrect location of the fire. The fire was actually on Old Waneta Road.
    Dec 10, 2013 10:52 AM PT