Lisa Dudley was rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds but died en route. ((CBC))

Police laid charges Friday in a double homicide in Mission, B.C., in which RCMP were criticized for not thoroughly checking out a 911 call of shots being fired.

Lisa Dudley, 37, was left bleeding and tied to a chair for four days after the first call to police in September 2008. Her neighbour found her clinging to life but she died en route to hospital.

Her boyfriend, Guthrie Jolan McKay, 33, died at the scene.

An officer had been sent to the home when the shots were initially reported, but he said he didn't see anything unusual and didn't get out of his car to investigate.

Dudley's family complained she might have survived if officers had searched the house.

Family members were further outraged when the officer who failed to check the house was docked a day's pay at an RCMP disciplinary hearing.

Police said at the time of the crime they believed both Dudley and McKay were targeted but they wouldn't say if drugs were involved. Neither victim was known to police.

After the incident, RCMP policy was changed to require officers to speak directly to the person who makes a 911 call about shots being fired.

On Friday, Jack Douglas Woodruff, 52, of Surrey, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in Dudley and McKay's deaths.