Some parents in Vancouver's West End are outraged an elementary school's yard has been designated an on-leash dog park.

 Lord Roberts Elementary, Vancouver Lord Roberts Elementary School

A new sign outside of Lord Roberts Elementary School indicates on-leash dogs are welcome in an area of the schoolyard before and after school hours.

Jodi Weber, a mother of a grade six student at the school, said she was shocked when she received an email from the parent advisory council about the dog park.

"I'm appalled and I'm frightened for the health of the children in this school," she said.

On Friday, dog feces lay on the ground right in front of the sign.

"It's very unhygienic and it's very disappointing that no one was even consulted about what we thought," Weber said. 


A new VSB sign says dog owners can take their dogs onto the ground of Lord Roberts Elementary outside of school hours. (CBC)

Kurt Heinrich, spokesman for the Vancouver School Board, says leashed dogs are allowed in many schoolyards throughout the city.

"I don't think anything's changed from our perspective, except the fact that we've started to receive some emails from folks," he said. "So we're going to be looking into it."

Weber says a number of the concerned parents have written a letter to the VSB and are working with school administrators.

"It can't be a dog park when there's the health and safety of our children at stake," she said.

With files from the CBC's Farrah Merali