An advocate for people with disabilities is pushing to make B.C.'s residential tenancy laws more pet-friendly. 

"People are having a really hard time finding accommodation because they have a pet or are being evicted because of having a pet," said Jane Dyson, director of Disability Alliance of B.C. 

Dyson will be speaking to the the Metro Vancouver housing board today, asking them to push the province to make amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act so that landlords can no longer ban pets.

The group that represents landlords in B.C. has said it is sympathetic to pet owners but argues that the decision should ultimately be left to property owners. 

Healthier communities

Dyson argues having pet-friendly legislation will lead to healthier communities. 

"People with disability tend to suffer from more loneliness and depression," she said.

But having a pet, particularly a dog, will encourage them to go out into the community, she said. 

With files from the CBC's The Early Edition and Catherine Rolfsen.