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Delta musician declares 'Santa's a Canadian'

Did you know Santa Claus is Canadian? Willy Hardie and his buddy have come up with a patriotic tune and video for Christmas to raise charity for Make a Wish.

It could be the most patriotic Christmas carol

Local musician celebrates Christmas and Canada 5:18

A sweet sentimental Christmas song written by North Delta's Willy Hardie — with help from Patrick Ronahan and Terry Banks — packs a patriotic punch.

It's entitled Santa's a Canadian and it's full of nationalistic lines about Santa's preferred coffee, his love for curling and Wayne Gretzky.

The video has been viewed 430,000 times on YouTube since it was posted in 2011.

​Hardie started playing guitar in 2006 when he bought one for his son. They learned the instrument together. 

"A lady in my neighbourhood asked me to come up with a Christmas song with Canadian content because she hadn't heard one," he told host Gloria Macarenko on CBC's Our Vancouver.

"Well, within 10 minutes of her walking her kid to school and coming back, I wrote it."

After all, says Hardie, Canada is the closest country to the North Pole.

Willy Hardie dresses up like a Canadian Santa Claus on CBC's Our Vancouver. (CBC )

Santa's a Canadian

The song is close to his heart. and one he actually had to fight for after hearing it being played in a hotel lobby. It ended up on a holiday music reel that was sold by a song service.

In the end, Hardie ensured the rights are retained. It's especially important because all proceeds of the song's sales on iTunes go to the Make a Wish Foundation.

In fact, the song service agreed to donate to the charity to make up for the mistake.

Willie Hardie plays his folk rock songs at open mic nights around the Lower Mainland.

To watch Hardie's full interview with Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko, click here

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