This is one dedicated hockey player. 

Sherena Doerksen captured the video of her 12-year-old neighbour Markus Stewart practising his hockey moves on a puddle that had frozen over on an Abbotsford, B.C. street Dec. 30. 

The Facebook video has been shared 3,000 times and seen more than 300,000 times. 

Stewart's mother, Chris, told CBC that she didn't even know Markus was practising on the frozen puddle. 

"He just wants to play hockey, of course, and dreams of the NHL but would just settle right now for house or pond hockey," she said. 

Markus doesn't play for any team right now, but Chris says he spends a lot of time following his brother to the rink and uses his hand-me-downs. 

"He would love to play but he is from a family of five siblings. It is hard financially as hockey is really expensive," she said.