David and Victoria Beckham, along with the rest of their family, are vacationing in Whistler, B.C.

The soccer star posted various photos of the trip on his Instagram account on Friday.

"Don't usually post so many but it's so beautiful up here," wrote Beckham about his first time hitting the slopes.

"...before anyone else sells pictures of the family I wanted you guys to see them first."

Emails hacked

The soccer celebrity's visit is coming hot off the heels of much criticism in Britain after image-tarnishing emails of his were leaked.

According to the BBC, the details were originally published by the Sun newspaper.

Some of Beckham's emails allegedly suggested the soccer star was frustrated about not being honoured with a knighthood.

A Beckham spokesperson responded to the BBC saying the story was based on outdated material that was taken out of context.

Beckham was also seen on social media in New York for his wife's most recent fashion show, days prior to the family's arrival in B.C. 

During the B.C. trip, Victoria Beckham donned an all-white outfit along with her signature pose. The family's youngest child, five-year-old Harper, wore a similar suit to her Mum.

Snowboarding injury

Beckham's sons also appeared to be enjoying themselves but according to their social media posts, his eldest did suffer an injury after one of his snowboarding runs.

The teen posted a video of himself crashing after completing a jump at the end of a run along with an X-ray showing a broken collarbone.