Richmond RCMP are scratching their heads after stopping a driver trying to load a full-sized refrigerator into the trunk of a small car.

Police found the driver in the parking lot of the Liquidation World store on the 3000 Sexsmith Road after someone called in a report.

"The fridge was one third in the trunk while the remainder teetered over the edge of the car's bumper.  The fridge was secured to the vehicle using rope and the seatbelts from the back seat," said Const. Justin Stewart.

When the officer approached the driver and asked him if what he was doing was a good idea, much to Stewart's surprise the male replied that he thought what he was doing was okay, according to a statement issued by police.

But Stewart disagreed, and told the driver the load was unsafe for transport and explained just how dangerous his actions were. The driver apologized, removed the fridge from his trunk and arranged proper transportation, said police.

Cpl. Sherrdean Turley said while the situation may appear humorous, someone could have been seriously injured if the driver had managed to take to the road with the precarious load. 

"We'd like to encourage people to please take the time to properly transport items.  Insecure loads are to blame for collisions & injuries far too often, and these instances can be prevented," said Turley.