Reports of a crocodile swimming in a marsh in Surrey, B.C. are not true, said RCMP after multiple calls from people driving by.

The object floating in the marsh off Highway 17 near 104th Ave. appears to be trash, said Surrey RCMP.

"We don't want anyone else to be stopping on the highway to take a look at this piece of debris and mistake it for a crocodile or an alligator," said Cpl. Scotty Schumann.

"It is kind of comical when you do look at it," said Schumann, but police are concerned about people pulling over.

"It is causing a bit of traffic hazard on the highway."

"It appears to be a broken off piece of a commercial truck tire or possibly a large piece of plastic," said Schumann.

"Crocodiles and alligators are certainly not the normal type of creatures we'd find in the Pacific Northwest."