Surrey's mayor says she has been getting complaints about people getting naked and disturbing families at the city's popular Crescent Beach.

Dianne Watts says the nudists have been crossing the railway tracks from nearby Crescent Rock Beach, which is provincial land and has been clothing-optional for 50 years.

Watts says the nudists are"being aggressive" towards families, and she wants them to cover up.

"A lot of the grandparents bring their grandchildren into the area, and we've had increased complaints in regards to the behaviour and the nudists."

The Surrey mayor also said the nude beach is getting too much attention, citing signs posted in nearby coffee shops that advertise the clothing-optional area.

Judy Williams, the vice-president of the Federation of Canadian Naturists,thinks Watts is overreacting.

"It's very frustrating that Canada hasn't grown up and accepted the human body as it should be."

Williams said all that's needed is signs at the ends of the nude beach telling people that they are "leaving a clothing optional area. Please put your clothes back on."