B.C. law professor Benjamin Perrin intends to get Craigslist to remove its erotic services listings from its Canadian websites. ((CBC))

A University of British Columbia law professor wants to see charges laid against the Craigslist website for listing adult erotic services.

Those listings are causing irreparable harm by exploiting women and children in Canada and around the world, says Benjamin Perrin.

"In 2009, we had multiple cases in British Columbia where Craigslist was used as the primary vehicle to advertise both child victims of sex trafficking who were Canadian girls as well as adult foreign victims of sex trafficking," Perrin told CBC News on Friday.

Craigslist shut down its erotic services ads in the United States in September after 17 state attorneys general demanded that it do so.

Perrin, who has written a book about human trafficking in Canada, has made it a personal mission to see that the ads are shut down on Craigslist's Canadian websites, too.

"I'm prepared to lay private criminal charges against Craigslist," he said. "The basis of the case would be the evidence that we have obtained through our research over a three-year period that they are aiding and abetting human trafficking and the sale of minors and prostitution."

Despite several meetings with the website's managers and with legal authorities, Perrin said he's had no luck in getting Craigslist to change its ways or persuading prosecutors to take action.

If there is no action soon from federal or provincial governments, he'll take matters into his own hands, said Perrin.