RCMP are looking for two men who were travelling in a dark coloured pickup truck, telling a news conference they may be connected to a shooting that injured a B.C. cyclist during an overnight race along the Trans-Canada Highway two months ago.

Craig Premack, 59, of Burnaby, B.C., was shot in the forearm on June 1 near Spences Bridge. At the time of the shooting, police said they believe the shooter fired from just off of Highway 1, and then drove away in a pickup truck.

At a news conference Tuesday, investigators said other cyclists in the race claimed two men in a pickup truck threw objects at them and drove away.

RCMP Insp. Ed Boettcher called the shooting a "brazen" and "completely random attack."

Craig Premack

Burnaby cyclist Craig Premack, 59, was shot in an apparent random attack while taking part in a 600 kilometre cycling event near Spences Bridge early Sunday morning. He is expected to make a full recovery. (Facebook)

Premack described how he was shot about 10 minutes into his ride, after a three-hour break for a nap and some food. 

It was just after 1 a.m. and Premack was on the road alone when he heard some explosions next to him.

"Originally I thought they were firecrackers, but then my right forearm just blew up. Seconds later, I could feel the warmth of my blood rolling down my leg," he said. 

 "It was almost like a bad dream," said Premack.

 It was late at night and Premack, who was riding alone, said he thought he might bleed to death on the road.

"For a moment I was worried, wondering if this was the end, but instinctively I decided I should give survival my best effort."

Premack said he managed to slow the bleeding by using a pair of pants.

"After the longest 20 minutes of my life, I could see the lights of what could only be my cycling friends." 

Premack was found on the ground by a fellow cyclist bleeding badly.

Craig Premack

Burnaby cyclist Craig Premack, 59, was shot in an apparent random attack while taking part in a 600-kilometre cycling event near Spences Bridge, B.C., in the early morning on June 1. (Facebook)

He said the bullet shattered his elbow and described how plates and screws now hold it together. 

Premack said he will soon be well enough to start physiotherapy.

It's been eight weeks since the injury and the cyclist, who works as a machinist, said it's been financially difficult because he hasn't been able to work.

Premack said doctors have told him it could be several months before he fully recovers. 

"It looks good, but I don't think they want to give me false hopes," he said.

Premack was taking part in the Cache Creek 600, a 600-kilometre, two-day cycling marathon from Pitt Meadows to Cache Creek organized by the B.C. Randonneurs Cycling Club.

Because of the long distances involved, cyclists taking part in the ride are on the road during the early hours.

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