A cougar was tranquillized by conservation officers just blocks from the B.C. Legislature on Monday morning.

The big cat was first spotted near Alma Place in the James Bay neighbourhood behind the Legislature on Sunday evening.

Then on Monday morning it was spotted in a backyard near Ontario Street, then near the intersection of Quebec and Menzies streets, and finally up a tree on Michigan Street.

As conservation officers tried to catch up with the roaming cat to tranquillize it, Victoria Police Department spokesman Bowen Osoko warned residents to use caution while taking children to school this morning — and to travel in groups if possible.

"The reality is that — you know — if the cougar is still in the area, it is a risk to kids when they're on the way to school as well as small pets and small animals," said Osoko.

The big cat was eventually tranquillized around 10 a.m. and taken away in the conservation officer's truck. 

Google Maps: Cougar sightings in James Bay