On Saturday, Spanish Banks beach was covered in corgis.

Dozens of animals and their owners gathered at the dog-friendly section of the park for a meetup. Organized by the Corgis of B.C. group, the event gave pups a chance to play together and owners a place to meet face-to-face.

Most dogs chose to roll around in the sand while their owners chatted. Others were content to play fetch in the ocean. Some just plopped down for a nice nap. 

Bentley, a Pembroke corgi with years of acting experience, was also there. The two-year-old has thousands of Instagram followers and was available for photo-ops, which proved popular.

corgi bentley actor

Bentley the corgi currently stars in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix. (Rhianna Schmunk/CBC)

Massive corgi meetups have been held on beaches before: Southern California corgi events happen twice a year, with hundreds of dogs and owners swarming Alamitos Beach in San Diego, Calif.

Teresa Holland organized the Vancouver event and said she was inspired by the southern California get-together. 

"It just seemed like such a neat thing and I thought would just be nice to do on a June afternoon in Vancouver," Holland said.

Her dog, Alfie, is three years old.

teresa holland corgi meetup

Teresa Holland has had her corgi, Alfie, for years. (Rhianna Schmunk/CBC)

"I've always loved corgis. I think it probably started when I was younger because I love the Queen [Elizabeth II] and I always wanted to have one. They're just really funny, curious, loving dogs."

Holland said she hopes she can start holding corgi events regularly.

"I didn't realize it would be such a huge event to be honest," she said. "It's actually been a big success."

corgi vancouver meetup

More than 60 dogs were at the beach, according to organizers. (Rhianna Schmunk/CBC)