Coquitlam woman sues construction company for botched job

A Coquitlam woman has been awarded more than $150,000 after a construction company she hired built her new retaining wall on her neighbour's lot.

Debbie Bortolussi sued Busselton Construction for building wall on her neighbour's lot

A Coquitlam woman has been awarded more than $150,000 after a judge ruled the construction company she hired did work that was "inexcusably shoddy."

Debbie Bortolussi hired Busselton Construction in April of 2008 for a backyard project that included a cabana, retaining wall and planters.

But Bortolussi says it was a disaster from the start. Not only were things built in violation of city bylaws, but often draft plans were not followed, she said.

"They hired inept staff to manage this project," she told CBC News.

"We started the project in May and by October he left the job and he had left an 85-foot retaining wall a foot onto our neighbour's property," she said.

Bortolussi says one day the company just packed up and left.

"We came home from work and his Porta Potty was gone, his tools were gone, everything was gone. He just left," she said.

When Bortolussi refused to pay the company for the last invoice they put a lien on her house, so she took them to court.

On Wednesday a B.C. Supreme Court judge awarded Bortolussi just over $154,000, slightly more than the cost she had to pay to another contractor fix the mess.

In the ruling the judge wrote, " The workers it put on the project were either incompetent or inexperienced for the job.... In my view, the performance and workmanship of the defendant was inexcusably shoddy."

The company's owner was unavailable for comment.