A man, who walked away from the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam B.C. for a second time, has been arrested in Alberta.

David Fomradas was taken into custody this morning in his hometown of Lethbridge after being at large for over a month.

Police issued an at-large notice after he left the institution's community housing program located on the Riverview lands on Feb. 10.

At the time of his "unauthorized absence", Coquitlam RCMP warned Formadas had the potential for violence when not on his medication and warned people not to approach him. Earlier reports say the 38-year-old is bipolar.

Scenic Drive McDonalds in Lethbridge

A 9-1-1 caller said she saw a man who looked like David Fomradas at this Lethbridge restaurant last week but police took 90 minutes to respond. (Google Maps)

Lethbridge police were harshly criticized for taking 90 minutes to respond to a sighting of Fomradas at a McDonald's on March 9. The restaurant is three blocks from the police station.

This was the second time Fomradas has been at large from the Coquitlam Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. In 2012 he left on a day pass and failed to return. On that occasion he was also re-arrested in Lethbridge.

Dr. Johann Brink, clinical director of psychiatry at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital said patients like Fomradas are allowed to move into Riverview community housing after progressing through a program of six levels of privilege that culminate in community access. 

"He had been placed there by the review board who had granted him a conditional discharge," said Brink. 

Brink believes a second breach of conditions will make it much more difficult for a patient like Fomradas to gain freedoms in the future..

"Without a doubt," he said. "Past behavior is a predictor of future behaviour."

Fomradas was found not criminally responsible for a violent carjacking involving Vancouver actors Carly and Kris Pope in 2009. The siblings had their BMW taken by Fomradas, who then crashed it into the CBC Vancouver building on West Georgia Street.

Carly Pope suffered a broken rib and two cracked vertebrae, while Kris suffered severe injuries to his ankle. An unidentified third person was also injured. 

Formadas will be transported back to B.C.


Fomradas was found not criminally responsible for a violent carjacking involving Vancouver actors Carly and Kris Pope in 2009. The siblings had their BMW taken by Fomradas, who then crashed it into the CBC Vancouver building on West Georgia Street. (Lien Yeung/CBC)