An 'only in Vancouver' twist has come to the social media-driven hidden cash game: someone in the city has decided to hide marijuana in public places and tweet out clues.

In hidden cash game, which began in San Francisco at the end of May and quickly spread to other cities, anonymous benefactors hide money in envelopes and then use Twitter to distribute clues about where the prizes are hidden.

The hidden cash idea came to Vancouver last week, then someone in the city spun it off into a hidden beer scavenger hunt, and now someone is using the format to distribute weed.

The Vancouver Police Department's Const. Brian Montague says that person should stop.

"The hidden money was interesting. The hidden beer was fun — maybe not well-thought-out, but [it had] good intentions. The hidden marijuana is a bit ridiculous," he told CBC News.

"The biggest concern is a young person is going to find this and consume it."

Montague said the person tweeting the hidden pot may not have realized that they could be charged for doing so.

"Even if you're not selling it to someone, if you're basically delivering it to someone, that is considered trafficking," he said.

With files from the CBC's Deborah Goble