Two East Vancouver brothers cashed in big on a childhood obsession this weekend when they sold off their massive collection of about 60,000 comics.

Hundreds of comic book collectors took part in the two-day auction staged by Able Auctions, which brought in an estimated $200,000.

Auctioneer Tyler Olson said it was one of the largest auctions involving collectables in Canadian history.

"Able has been in business 25 years and this is the biggest collection we've come across to date."

The brothers, who want to remain anonymous, appeared anxious as they watched their comics being sold.

The comic that attracted the highest bidder was a restored first-ever Hulk comic, which sold for $6,500.

Jesse Main was one buyer who enjoyed picking though the massive collection for some rare finds.

"It's like Christmas morning pretty much, it makes you feel like a kid again," said Main.