The private information of more than 250 Grade 12 students at Clayton Heights Secondary School in Surrey, B.C., is not so private anymore after a document containing all grades and absentee records was accidentally emailed to parents of every student in the school.        

Doug Strachan, spokesperson for the Surrey School District, says the parents were supposed to get a letter from the district's superintendent with strike information, but a human error led to them receiving the confidential information instead.

"It was considered private information, but not of the sensitivity of financial or medical information," said Strachan.

The school board sent out a follow up email asking those who received the email to delete it. It has also contacted the information commissioner about the breach.

"Sending out information that would be considered private is something we treat seriously, and we worked to respond quickly in all the appropriate ways," said Strachan.

The error comes as the  B.C.'s teachers' strike enters its second week of full strike action.