As Christmas presents go, there are likely few more touching than this one, found on the side of the road in Nanaimo, B.C. on Christmas Eve. 

Cassandra Egan planned to surprise her mother in Nanaimo with news she was going to be a grandmother. She had packed a gift with a label that said, "ready or not grandma, here I come," along with a framed photo of the ultrasound image of her child.

But before she and her partner could put the gift under the tree, thieves broke into their car and stole the items.

"I cried. I was so shocked," Egan told CBC. 

The couple didn't bother to report the gifts missing. Instead, they rushed to the store and replaced them so they could still carry out their surprise. 

Little did they know the gifts were turned into Nanaimo RCMP the next day inside a laundry basket.

This week, Egan's mother saw an RCMP's tweet looking for a grandmother-to-be.

Egan says it's nice to have the gifts back and a story to tell.

"No kidding, the baby is famous before it's even born."

The baby is set to arrive in June.

With files from Megan Thomas