Two people in Chilliwack, B.C. are still out of their homes after a landslide prompted firefighters to evacuate their house. 

Firefighters were notified of the landslide in the rural area of Vedder Mountain Road near Giesbrecht Road just after 10 a.m. PT. 

Assistant fire chief and emergency program coordinator James MacDonald said the slide was caused by a quarry at the top of the hill.

"In the work that they do up there they move material around and earlier this morning some of the material came down," he said. 

MacDonald said the three homes near the bottom of the slide were evacuated as a precaution while the quarry owner moved the material back from the cliff. 

Residents of two of the homes were allowed to return later in the day, but the two residents of the third property will be housed by emergency social services for the next three days as a precaution. 

"This one house ... is right in the way of any material that might come down," MacDonald said, adding the evacuation was a precautionary measure.

Crews had also closed Vedder Mountain Road as a precaution because of three large, loose boulders at the top of the mountain, but it has since been reopened. 

MacDonald said a geotechnician was dispatched to the site to evaluate the risk. 

He said landslides are common throughout the province. 

Chilliwack Landslide

Three homes at the bottom of this landslide were evacuated Saturday morning. (Sharon Gaetz)