Child not injured on Grouse Grind, says school district

North Vancouver District firefighters say they are helping an 11-year-old down off the Grouse Grind trail after he or she fell more than 10 metres this morning.
Ambulance and firefighters responded after a child became short of breath while hiking up the Grouse Grind hiking trail in North Vancouver on Wednesday morning. (CBC)

The West Vancouver School District has clarified reports that a student was injured in a fall on the Grouse Grind hiking trail earlier today, triggering a 911 call-out of firefighters and ambulances.  

Earlier this morning the North Vancouver District firefighters issued several statement on Twitter saying they were helping an 11-year-old down off the Grouse Grind trail.

It was eventually revealed the child did not suffer a fall, as was mistakenly reported, but was simply out of breath.  

"His mother was called, she joined him and they resumed the class field trip as planned," said a statement issued by the West Vancouver School District communications manager Bev Pausche.

"Our staff handled the situation according to district policies and procedures," said the statement.


  • Earlier reports that the child may have suffered a fall were incorrect.
    Sep 25, 2013 4:58 PM PT