Weather, wildlife, and the federal election topped CBC's list of most popular videos in B.C. this year. 

1. Stranded orca on rocks saved by volunteers 

Stranded orca saved1:12

Volunteers spotted this orca in Hartley Bay in July and kept it alive until it could swim out on its own at high tide. 

2. B.C. enjoys a warm winter while the rest of Canada freezes

The scenery on Vancouver's beaches in February was a far cry from what much of Canada was experiencing this winter.

3. Donald Sutherland speaks his mind about the federal election

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, who is not eligible to vote because he lives outside Canada, made no bones about who he would vote for — if he could — at The Toronto International Film Festival in September.

4. Two orphaned bear cubs spared by conservation officer 

In July, a conservation officer on Vancouver Island was suspended after refusing to kill two orphaned bear cubs, drawing the ire of British comedian Ricky Gervais, who praised the officer's actions.

5. Bhangra dancers celebrate in Surrey on federal election night

What a party! Bhangra dancers swarm CBC's Andrew Chang in Surrey-Newton, where Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal won big.