The NHL's legal department has told a Vancouver car dealership to take down the 'Go Canucks Go' sign on its windows, but the manager says he was just trying to get into the playoff spirit.

Kingsway Honda manager Doug Lum says he received a letter from the NHL on Thursday informing him the signs and logos are a copyright infringement and must be removed.

"Consumers are likely to be misled that the Vancouver Canucks have an official relationship with your dealership," NHL legal counsel Kelley Lynch wrote in the letter.

Lum insists they weren't trying to cash in on the Canucks' name and doubts the signs could bring in new customers. Instead they were simply trying to get into the spirit of the playoff run.

"It just seems kind of ridiculous, their slogan is 'We're all Canucks,'" said Lum.

"We're trying to be all Canucks, but they're not letting us be all Canucks," he said.

And he says it's ironic because Honda actually has a close relationship with the NHL.

"Honda Canada is the official car company of the NHL, so go figure," he said.

Still, Lum isn't planning to fight the NHL's demands, and on Thursday morning a sign company worker was busy with a razor knife scraping off the Canucks' familiar logo.

But he only removed the letters C and A from the slogan, leaving a sign that read, "Go 'nucks GO."

The Canucks play the Nashville Predators in the second game of the quarterfinals serves on Saturday at 6 p.m. on CBC TV.