A Surrey, B.C., family is in shock after a car plowed into their home, smashing through the window and parts of the wall before landing on a bed.

No one was hurt in the crash at 122 Street and 78 Avenue just after midnight, as the person who usually sleeps in the basement bedroom was out of town.

Shihab Banglawala, a cousin who owns and lives in the home, said he had just gone to sleep in another basement bedroom Wednesday night when the car, a black sedan, slammed into the house.

"It was like blast noise. It was like an explosion in the house. My whole room was shaking. I tried to get out of my room, but there was so much glass in front of my door, so I had to stay in my room," said Banglawala.

Banglawala says he was shocked to see the two men inside the car run through his house and out the front door. Neighbours gave chase, and police have arrested one man.

Banglawala says it's the third time a car has lost control and ended up on his property, while neighbours say poor visibility, lack of warning signs and speed bumps make the neighbourhood dangerous.

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