Emergency crews on the North Shore rescued a man from the Capilano River Thursday evening.

District of North Vancouver and West Vancouver fire crews pulled the man out of the river using ropes and swift water techniques near the Highway 1 overpass.

Victor Quintana, who phoned 911, said he was out walking with his mother when he saw the man from Capilano Road, screaming and yelling for help.

"He was just saying, 'help me! Help me!' … he was cold," Quintana said. "I found [the rescue] really amazing. They did an excellent job."

"He was isolated in the river down there. There was no way he could come up," said Maria Quintana.

"It's pretty rough. The flow is very strong. It's very dangerous to be in the middle of the river there."

Victor Quintana and Maria Quintana

Victor Quintana (left) and Maria Quintana say the man appeared to be fishing. (Dan Imbeault/CBC)

District of North Vancouver fire crews reported on Twitter the man was turned over to paramedics in good condition.