The new president of the Vancouver Canucks will take part in another big adventure.

Trevor Linden has announced he will join parts of the 2014 Great Canadian Ride, a month-long, cross-Canada cycling relay for high school students that aims to promote healthier living. 

"You know, it took me about five minutes to sign up for this project," Linden told reporters Saturday.

Trevor Linden, April 26 announcement - The Great Canadian Ride

Linden told the crowd gathered Saturday that he made the decision to sign up for the month-long relay within five minutes. (CBC)

"I think in our life, in general, and in schools we have too many plans, too many posters, too many ideas, and not enough action; and this is all about action, and that's what was really important," he said. 

"It's encouraging our young people to think about doing something they probably would never have thought of."

Around 200 cyclists from 35 schools will take part in the event, which kicks off in Victoria on May 12 and winds up in Quebec City on June 13.

In addition to the student participants, Linden will be joined by former NHL player Joé Juneau and Olympic Gold Medalist Jean-Luc Brassard for the journey.