The Vancouver Canucks have set a new franchise record — but it's not one to celebrate. The team has logged almost four games without scoring a goal.

On Tuesday night, the Canucks lost again, this time 2-0 to the Winnipeg Jets

But it's not just the team that's losing. The Canucks' slump has taken a toll on local businesses, too.

"Pulling teeth is a lot easier than selling tickets right now," said ticket broker Kingsley Bailey.

"Fans are walking out of that building completely disenchanted, completely disappointed. They don't want to go to another game again."

Bars and restaurants feel slump 

Bailey isn't the only one hurting. Local bars and restaurants, which earn their bread and butter during the hockey season, are suffering too.

Charles Gauthier of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, said that when the Canucks are winning, some restaurants report sales that are 30-50 per cent higher.

 "It's a combination of factors but certainly the Canucks not doing well has impacted those businesses," Gauthier said

He added that some Vancouver establishments have made up the difference with events like the World Rugby 7's tournament.

But until the Canucks actually a score a goal, fickle hockey fans might not return before the end of the season, with the last home game April 9 against Edmonton.

With files from Farrah Merali