The captain of Canada's women's soccer team says tonight's match against Germany at BC Place will help her team prepare to take the gold when the FIFA Women's World Cup comes to Canada next year.

Captain Christine Sinclair, says while the match itself is friendly, Canada has a lot to learn from the strong German side. Canada is currently ranked 7th in world, while Germany is second.

"These international games are used to take steps that we need moving forward, and learning new systems, new styles of play and putting those to test against the best teams in the world."

Sinclair says her team is strong, but needs to work on its consistency.

"Like [head coach John Herdman] said, he doesn't think we're ready to win gold right now," says Sinclair.

"One off games, we're pretty good. We can always battle, but can we do it consistently over seven games in a month's time? That's what we need to work on."

With all eyes on the FIFA Men's World Cup in Brazil right now, including her own, Sinclair is already thinking about next year, when her team will play host.

The gold medal game will be played in Vancouver at BC Place.  Sinclair calls it a "once in a lifetime opportunity," and says while it's exciting, it's also daunting.

"You saw Brazil play in their opening game, you saw the nerves they had. That's going to be us in a year's time," says Sinclair.

She calls it "perfect timing" to bring the tournament to Canada. Women's soccer took a bronze in the London 2012 Olympics, something Sinclair says was a turning point for the sport.

She says things have changed a lot since 2003, when she played her first FIFA World Cup, in the United States.

"Believe it or not, we actually played for the bronze medal, but I don't think anyone in Canada knew about it."

The fan base for women's soccer has grown over the past decade, but Sinclair says her work is far from done.

"We don't want the young kids to go through the same things we went through when we made it on the national team," says Sinclair.

"I think times are changing, and I'm so honoured to be a part of that, and hopefully can leave the state of soccer in a better place."