Mexican security officials are investigating reports that tourists, including some Canadians, are caught in a demonstration and blockade in Chiapas province.

Jasmine Alegria. a spokeswoman for the Secretariat of Security and Protection for Chiapas, says indigenous blockades are common in the area, but a journalist for La Jornada said the demonstration was a post-electoral protest.

Bill Lynch of Nelson, B.C., told CBC News a friend vacationing in Mexico phoned him and said he was on a bus that had been boarded by men in masks.

"There was a demonstration on the road. There were people calling themselves Zapatistas, wearing black masks, who had taken seven Canadians and told them they are hostages," Lynch said — reports that have not been confirmed.

He said he and the other tourists were told to call their consular officials.

Lynch says his friend could not reach the Canadian Consulate in Mexico City and called him instead.

He says the bus his friend was on left San Cristobal heading for Palenque, with several Canadians, Americans, Australian and Swiss tourists on board.

Security officials in Chiapas say phone lines are down, so it's unclear whether the tourists are just caught up in a local political protest and are delayed, or whether it's more serious.

Global Affairs Canada was unable to provide comment.