What if there was one song that all Canadians could sing by heart?

For weeks, On the Coast has been soliciting recommendations for its music feature: 'The One Canadian Song All Canadians Should Know.' As in — a song you should know all the lyrics to. 

Today, the first big reveal. The top three contenders, as suggested by listeners. 

In no particular order, those songs are: 

Ian and Sylvia 'Four Strong Winds'

Spirit Of The West 'Home For A Rest'

Stan Rogers 'Northwest Passage'

Winning song to be announced Friday 

If these are three songs you know very, very well, and you're free to come to the CBC Vancouver studio on Friday — you're invited to get in touch with us at onthecoast@cbc.ca

On the Coast wants three people in studio for the great On The Coast Canadian Music Quiz to determine the winning song.

How will it work? All three will be quizzed, their lyrical knowledge put to the test. The one song that receives the most correct answers will be crowned the grand title. And of course the winning quizster will also get a prize.