The Canadian killed in a recent terrorist attack in Barcelona was the father of a Vancouver police officer. 

The Vancouver Police Department released a statement Friday on behalf of the victim's daughter, Staff Sgt. Fiona Wilson. 

"My dad, Ian Moore Wilson, was a much-loved husband, father, brother and grandfather, who lived a healthy, active life alongside his partner of 53 years, my mum, Valerie," Wilson said in the statement.

"He was compassionate, generous, adventurous and always game for a lively debate, a good book, exploring new places and a proper-sized pint."

Wilson said her family will be focusing on the kindness it has experienced since the tragedy happened, including a family member she said rushed her father to hospital on the back of a scooter and an Air Canada employee who "offered up a personal discount pass to make emergency flights more affordable."

According to the statement, Wilson's mother also required urgent medical attention. 

"These are the things we will choose to focus on when we endeavour to come to terms with the senseless violence and acts of hatred that have taken loved ones before their time," she said.