What if the United States was run by Canucks? 

A Vancouver comedy duo is poking fun at American politics with a YouTube video that shows why they think Canadians would do a better job of running the country. They take shots at America aimed at health care, race relations and Donald Trump's idea for a wall at the border. 

But the pair say rather than having one of them or Justin Trudeau, aka "Prime Minister centrefold," take the presidency, all 34 million Canadians would take 7.5-second shifts as president of the United States.

"We're very committed to returning the United States to its place as the world's nurturing parent instead of everybody's racist uncle," Chris Cannon told CBC. "So we want to get the U.S. and the rest of the world to say, 'Yes we can Canada.'"

Brian Calvert is a Canadian who grew up across the border from Michigan. 

"I was constantly gazing across the border and wondering 'what is going in those people's minds?'" he said. 

Cannon, on the other hand, is originally from Oklahoma and says he served proudly in the U.S. Marine Corp. He recently became a Canadian citizen, and says he intends to write "Canada" on his ballot in the upcoming election. 

Round two

Cannon and Calvert did a similar comedy sketch for the 2012 election that became a viral hit. 

"There was a seed of worry that what if enough people voted in swing states for Canada, took those votes from Obama and then you end up with president Romney," Cannon said. "And for five seconds that was a genuine fear." 

Calvert said the reaction has been positive, with some Americans suggesting their state ought to be annexed to Canada. And Canadians seem to enjoying the gag as well. 

"Canadians are always very excited by the idea. It puts ys at ease. Despite all the imperfections in our system and governance and society, there is always America to make us feel better about ourselves," he said.