The Calgary Zoo had some fun with the the rivalry between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks. On Friday it placed a straw-filled Canucks jersey inside its gorilla habitat.

The zoo posted video of what happened next on its YouTube page.

"What you can see behind me is the torso of a Canucks fan," said a staff person speaking on the video. "We're going to see what our gorilla troop thinks of that."

Several gorillas then approach the jersey. One animal begins to pull the straw out of it, tosses the jersey around and then eventually drapes it over its shoulders.

The video ends with a close-up shot of the gorilla staring off into space as the jersey rests against the side of its face.

The Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks are currently playing a best-of-seven game series in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The series is tied one game each. The next match takes place in Calgary on Sunday April 19.

Earlier this week the mayors of both cities, Vancouver's Gregor Robertson and Calgary's Naheed Nenshi, made a friendly wager on the series.