A man charged in a vicious attack on the owner of a Vancouver tattoo parlour has been charged with assaulting another Vancouver merchant earlier this month.

The Vancouver Police Department says Byron Thomas Hobbs, 32, is accused of attacking an employee of Millennium Clothing Store at Granville and Davie the afternoon of March 20.

An employee of the clothing store reportedly recognized Hobbs from a photo circulated online by a Gastown tattoo shop after a theft a few days before. The employee asked Hobbs to leave and was allegedly punched in the face, receiving a gash on his chin that required stitches.

Hobbs was arrested Friday morning and has been charged with one count of assault causing bodily harm and one count of uttering threats.

Hobbs was identified as as suspect in the clothing store assault after surveillance video was released this week showing a vicious attack on the owner of a tattoo parlour at Tinseltown.

Hobbs was charged with assault and assault causing bodily harm in that incident, and was released Monday night.

Police say Hobbs is now being held in custody pending a future court appearance that has yet to be determined.

The investigation into the theft from the Gastown tattoo parlour is ongoing, police say.

With files from the CBC's Eric Rankin