Someone has started taking pot shots at B.C. Transit buses in Sooke once again, causing an estimated $12,000 in damage in 10 separate incidents.

The pellet gun shooting started last fall around Halloween when seven buses were hit. But then it dropped off, until this spring, with three more buses hit since May.

BC Transit bus in Vernon

B.C. Transit operates local bus service throughout the province. (Martin Morin/Wikipedia) (Martin Morin/Wikipedia)

B.C. Transit spokesperson Meribeth Burton says the incidents have all happened in a 15-kilometre stretch of Highway 14 west of Victoria.

"These are often early evening incidents. There are passengers on board, these are busy trips. None of the pellets have ever gone through the windshield but it is a possibility."

"It's incredibly distracting for our operators who are professionally trained drivers, but you can imagine something coming out of the blue," she says.

"There are other motorists on the road as well as pedestrians walking down some of those areas as well."

No injuries reported, yet

Fortunately nobody has been injured yet, but bus driver Steve Grassman says it a concern.

"It is worrying obviously. It's not something that you'd ever want to have to deal with."

Sooke RCMP Sgt. Jeff McArthur says officers and transit supervisors will begin riding the buses to increase security.

Police are asking the public to be watchful as well, and call them if they see anything suspicious.

"We think someone out there must know who is doing this, why and where we can find them," said McArthur.

With files from Emily Elias