A Burns Lake teacher has been disciplined for soaking students with a hose in 2016, and pouring a mixture of flour, water and vinegar over the heads of students in 2015. 

Margaret Kathleen Rayanne Charlie was handed a one-day suspension which she served Feb 10.

According to a consent resolution agreement, in June of last year Charlie organized a game similar to kick the can for her Grade 8 drama class. The students who lost the game were lined up and sprayed with a hose — sometimes twice.

One student reported being forced to miss an important math class because she had to go home and change clothes. Two others were injured: one requiring stitches and the other sustaining a sprained ankle.

Students were not allowed to opt out and some said the game made them feel stressed out and anxious. 

Not the first time

In 2015 Charlie organized a similar game with a class in which the losers had a mixture of flour, vinegar and water poured on their head as they lay in the school courtyard, according to the documents.

After a parent complained Charlie was called to meet with officials from the Nechako Lakes School District. At that time she assured them the game would not be played again. 

The one-day suspension was handed down by the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation. Charlie has held a B.C. teaching certificate since 1982.