A development proposal in Delta — west of Highway 91 — has the Burns Bog Conservation Society concerned.

Although, the prospective industrial rezoning would be outside the designated protected zone, it would still be located close to the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area.

The society has been lobbying against it for some time.

"We're all concerned about climate change and every time you destroy a piece of bog, you're contributing to the climate budget," said Eliza Olson, president of the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

Burns Bog Rezoning application

MK Delta Lands says its proposal includes the allocation of 328 acres to the Corporation of Delta for conservation. (MK Delta Lands Group)

MK Delta Lands Group owns approximately 500 acres of land in Delta. Its proposal involves one of its five parcels of land.

It also includes the transfer of 328 acres to the Corporation of Delta for conservation. 

Despite assurances, Olson says she is still concerned about the protection of the ecological integrity of Burns Bog and the wildlife that lives there. 

MK Delta Lands Group is holding a public information session to answer questions about the rezoning proposal at the North Delta Recreational Centre at 4:00 p.m. PT, Wednesday.

With files from the CBC's The Early Edition and Jason D'Souza.

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