Kimberly Proctor was a student at Pacific Secondary School, according to a missing person posting on Facebook. (Facebook)

Grief counsellors have been sent to a Victoria high school after a badly burned body found on a local hiking trail was identified as a missing student from the school.

The body of Kimberly Proctor, 18, of Langford, was found on Friday evening just off the Galloping Goose Trail in Colwood, about 10 kilometres west of Victoria.

Proctor was a student at Pacific Secondary School.

Police said Tuesday she was last seen getting off a #57 bus in Colwood on Thursday, wearing a hoodie with the number 13 on the back.

Authorities released the information in the hope it might jog someone's memory.

They are calling the teen's death a homicide, but have not revealed the cause of death or how long the body may have been on the trail before being discovered.

The B.C. Coroners Service confirmed the identity late Monday night.

The RCMP said they don't know whether Proctor was randomly or intentionally selected as a target.

"Investigators worked through the night, and will continue to do so, in an effort to identify the person, or persons responsible for Kimberly's death," said Cpl. Darren Lagan.

"Now that our investigative team has her identity, it certainly allows us to do more focused work on dealing and looking at the timeline leading up to her death: where she was, who she was with, what activities she undertook in the days leading up to her death," said Lagan.

Classmates in shock

The RCMP are urging people — especially women — not to go on the Galloping Goose Trail by themselves until police know more.


Kimberly Proctor's badly burned body was found Friday evening near the Galloping Goose Trail, west of Victoria, RCMP say. ((CBC))

Meanwhile, school officials in Langford are dealing with the grief and shock among students who knew the teenager.

Sooke School District superintendent Jim Cambridge said grief counsellors were at the school on Tuesday morning.

Students were also being counselled about safety because many of them frequent the trail where the body was found, he said.

"We're focusing on safety and walking plans for students so that we ensure they are safe while the RCMP are completing their investigation," said Cambridge. 

Residents heard screams

Police investigators believe Proctor's body was burned at the site beneath a bridge on the  trail.

The trail is popular with teens, especially at night and on the weekends, and that's why resident Derek Paul said he didn't think much about the screams he and others heard on Thursday night.

"Three different people thought they heard the same thing, and a strange smell was in fact detected around here, but there's lots of people around here and nobody thought anything about it," Paul said on Monday.