Police and family members of 71-year-old Kyung Chun, of Burnaby, B.C., are seeking any information that may help to locate the man, who went missing in a bush area near Nakusp sometime last week.

On Thursday, RCMP were notified by campers in the Fosthall area about a van that appeared to be stuck and had not moved for approximately five days.

Kyung Chun

Kyung Chun, 71, went missing Sept. 14 in a bush area south of Nakusp. Family members were not aware he was missing, after a friend he went mushroom picking with returned to the Lower Mainland but failed to notify police that Chun hadn't come back to his van. (Photo provided by family)

Family members confirmed to police that Chun had left Burnaby in that van to go mushroom picking with a friend, though he did not tell them where.

The friend said that Chun left the van to go picking, but didn't come back. The friend said he waited around for a bit, but then walked to the highway and hitchhiked to Revelstoke, and eventually made his way back to the Lower Mainland but did not report Chun's disappearance to police.

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Police say Chun's van was at a base camp the two had established about an hour drive from the Arrow Park Ferry landing south of Nakusp.

Local search and rescue volunteers conducted searches on Thursday and Friday, but did not locate the missing man.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen Chun to contact a local RCMP office.