Brian Whitlock found guilty of 2nd degree murder in gruesome death of his mother

Brian Whitlock, 30, has been found guilty of killing his mother Barbara inside her westside home in November 2014.

Whitlock previously found guilty of killing his dog, Captain

Brian Whitlock, seen leaving B.C. provincial court in Vancouver in 2012, had prior conviciton for cruelty to an animal. (CBC)

Brian Whitlock, 30, has been found guilty of second degree murder in the death of his mother Barbara — inside her Dunbar home in November, 2014.

Madame Justice Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten told  B.C. Supreme court the intent for second degree murder has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. 

"I do not find the testimony of the accused credible or reliable," said DeWitt-Van Oosten. "The only rational inference coupled with the admissions is that the accused murdered Barbara Whitlock. "

Whitlock sat in the prisoners box in an orange jump suit, listening intently as the judge spent hours reading her decision.

Evidence presented in court showed that Barbara Whitlock sustained blunt force injuries to her head and neck. (

The court heard the victim sustained blunt force injuries to her head and neck, and photographic evidence showed broken windows and pieces of furniture, as well as a meat cleaver and splitting maul.

Crown counsel Elliot Poll said Whitlock killed his mother, dragging her outside and leaving her on a cement patio — a bleach bottle and mop were found in the home.

"I killed Barbie" was written on one of the living room walls.

An anguished Warren Clare, Whitlock's step-father told reporters outside court that, despite Brian's mental illness diagnosis, previous jail time and clear warning signs, the system failed the family in the time leading up to Barbara's death.

"Any subsequent accountability and monitoring through the parole office and forensic doctors — who were responsible for Brian's welfare — fell through the cracks," Clare said. 

"And it was left up to his mother to fight for her son. It was a fight she ultimately lost."

Warren Clare, father of Brian Whitlock, told reporters outside court that Barbara Whitlock lost her life while desperately trying to help her son. (CBC)

Whitlock was taken into custody in the early morning hours of November 9, 2014 following an eight-hour long police standoff.

The court heard that during the standoff, Whitlock told a police officer, "I killed that witch," but he later denied it, offering several explanations for why he said it.

Police said they received a 911 call the night before — after a relative discovered Barbara Whitlock's body in her home on West 23rd Avenue.

Whitlock was arrested after coming out of the house, but police had to fire a round from an Arwen gun, which fires a plastic projectile, because he was not compliant.

Barbara Whitlock, seen leaving Vancouver provincial court in 2013, was found dead by a relative. (CBC)

In 2013, ​Whitlock made headlines after admitting to beating his German shepherd dog with a baseball bat and leaving it for dead in a Kitsilano dumpster.

During Whitlock's sentencing hearing, his lawyer told the court his client was suffering from mental illness. Whitlock was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Barbara Whitlock had been paying for her son's treatment as he dealt with mental health issues. Whitlock was scheduled to move into an apartment his mother bought for him on Dec 1, 2014 — three weeks after her murder.

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  • An earlier version of this story stated Warren Clare was Brian Whitlock's father. In fact, Clare is Whitlock's stepfather.
    Nov 14, 2017 1:40 PM PT