B.C. Premier Christy Clark has rebuffed British billionaire Richard Branson's invitation for a naked kitesurfing date with a jab of her own at the cheeky playboy.

Clark says she found the invite, and the accompanying blog post with a kitesurfing photo showing a naked model clinging to Branson's back, disrespectful.

She shot back with a one-liner of her own, joking that if that's his best pickup line, there may be a reason he calls his company Virgin.


British billionaire Richard Branson first invited B.C. Premier Christy Clark kitesurfing when they met in Vancouver for the the launch of his airline's service from Vancouver to London. (CBC)

Clark met Branson last week after his airline company, Virgin Atlantic, made its inaugural flight from London to Vancouver. During the meeting, Branson invited the "delightful" Clark to go kitesurfing while riding on his back.

After the meeting, he then posted a photo of himself kitesurfing with a young naked woman clinging to his back, saying he forgot to tell Clark about the dress code.

Clark's office issued a written statement earlier, saying Branson is well known for his brashness and ability to generate media coverage.  

Branson's last words to the B.C. premier: "The offer still stands Christy!"