The drug treatment centre where 20-year-old Brandon Jansen died says the centre is already following the 21 recommendations the coroner's jury laid out Wednesday.

Jansen died of an overdose at the Sunshine Coast Medical Centre March 7, 2016. He was seeking treatment at the facility.

The jury looking into Jansen's death recommendeds such facilities start searching bags for drugs, change electronic device policies and improve security. Sunshine Coast Medical Centre was specifically advised to review security procedures and training with all staff.

CEO Melanie Jordan says those recommendations are already in place at her facility.

"Those recommendations followed a number of witnesses really laying out for the inquest the number of different treatment styles that are being used in the province and the wide variety of training," she told All Points West guest host Richard Zussman.

"I think what they were getting at with those recommendations is that things should be more standardized that people should be aware of the levels of counselling staff, the level of credentials they have."

Jordan said even prisons have trouble keeping drugs out of facilities, but says many facilities could improve screening of items coming in.

She says some facilities like non-profits on a "shoestring budget" will struggle to meet these recommendations.

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Melanie Jordan

Melanie Jordan, CEO of the Sunshine Coast Health Centre, said the 21 recommendations are already in place at her facility.

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