A three-year-old Maple Ridge boy has died after he was attacked by several dogs in his home Monday.

RCMP say Cody Fontaine suffered multiple bites to the face and head.

Four dogs were inside the home at the time – three Rottweilers and a collie. The family called 911 and rushed the boy to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The dogs were removed from the home by the SPCA late Monday night.

The dogs were being kept in the basement, but somehow got out and attacked the boy. The boy was reportedly sleeping at the time.

Two of the dogs lived in the home, the other dogs were being looked after by the boy's parents.

Stanley Coren, professor of psychology at UBC and the author of several dog behaviour books, says pound for pound, rottweillers are the strongest breed of dog – with the bite strength of 2,000 pounds per square inch.

"Certain breeds are going to be more dangerous because of their size," he says. "A pack of Chihuahuas are certainly not going to be causing this type of damage, and you certainly have never heard of a pack of golden retrievers tearing somebody limb from limb."

It's still unclear what made the dogs attack. And while Rottweilers are considered by many to be aggressive, Lorie Chortyk of the SPCA says you can't single out specific breeds.

"The problem with targeting one single breed is you're singling out certain dogs who don't have agressive behaviour whatsoever," she explained.

"And there may be other dogs of different breeds that may be equally dangerous. It's kind of a red herring when you single out a certain breed."

Officials are now deciding whether to destroy the dogs.

The RCMP and the Ministry of Children and Family Development are also investigating.